State of Maryland

TRIQST is a prime vendor for the State of Maryland CATS Plus .Under the CATS + contract, TRIQST can support the following functional areas:

  • Functional Area 1 – Enterprise Service Provider
  • Functional Area 2 – Web and Internet Services
  • Functional Area 3 – Electronic Document Management
  • Functional Area 4 – Software Engineering
  • Functional Area 5- Systems/Facilities Management and Maintenance
  • Functional Area 6 – Information System Security
  • Functional Area 7- Application Service Provider
  • Functional Area 8 – IT Management Consulting Services
  • Functional Area 9 – Business Process Consulting Services
  • Functional Area 10- Documentation/Technical Writing

DHS Customs and Border Protection

TRIQST LLC is a subcontractor for DHS Customs and Border Protection.TRIQST LLC has been supporting the CBP’s Office of Information Technology – PSPD in modernizing the legacy TECS System as subcontractor to the prime contractors since 2004 supporting several key initiatives and legacy system modernization