“Strategically plan and execute the roadmap to modernize legacy applications”

Legacy applications are increasingly becoming a problem for all kinds of companies and organizations. Modernizing approaches and techniques allow for lowering the cost and complexity of legacy systems and moving towards better technology environments. TRIQST evaluates both business and technical needs to choose the appropriate application modernization approach such as:

  • Retire -Removing a system that provides little to no value to the business
  • Replace -Swapping the current system with another off-the-shelf system
  • Rationalize- Retaining the system in-place with minimal revisions as needed in the near term
  • Re-architect-Modifying the application and database to a modern framework retaining the existing business logicand an incremental approach
  • Re-platform-Moving the existing system to a different platform – for example, moving applications (e.g., Windows, Linux) into the cloud