“Align IT with the enterprise’s business goals”

Enterprise Architecture (EA) frameworks provides the processes, tools and techniques to determine current and future IT needs across the enterprise to align IT with the enterprise’s business goals. TRIQST adopts a service-oriented architecture (SOA) approached towards application development in order to achieve cost savings and ensure reusability.Through the use of popular EA frameworks (TOGAF, DODAF, ZACHMAN), TRIQST will dive deeply in modeling the following architectures.

  • The ‘’Business Architecture” to define the business strategy, governance, organization, and key business processes.
  • The ‘’Data Architecture’to describe the structure of an organization’s logical and physical data assets and data management resources.
  • The ‘Application Architecture’to provide a blueprint for the individual application systems to be deployed, their interactions, and their relationships to the core business processes of the organization.
  • The ‘Technology Architecture’todescribe the logical software and hardware capabilities that are required to support the deployment of business, data, and application services. This includes IT infrastructure, middleware, networks, communications, processing, standards, etc.